HEALYOU is here to offer clarity, insight and a pathway forward to better health and a better life.  I will partner with you along the way while teaching you how to partner with your body and your own inner healing voice.

I have known Dr. Fickle profes-sionally for over 20 years. I have found her to be a compassionate healer who has treated myself and family with a wide range of effec-tive modalities and knowledge. She always knows when to refer me to other healing experts at just the right time. She remains a blessing to me and my family.


                                - M.A. Van Marter

Dr. Fickle has truly been a
valued partner in my journey to wholeness. She is astute in assessing what is going on
with me mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually and
then develops a course of action. Her demeanor allows me to be honest and to receive her open hearted healing.

                                         - Julie S.

Throughout the years that I have known Dr. Fickle I have asked for her help many times and have not been disappointed. She knows what to do to alleviate the condition and the healing result comes forth. Her skill and knowledge are amazing.


                                          - JGL

As a seasoned athlete for over 15 years
Dr. Fickle has been in my corner to ensure that my health goals have and are being met. While athletic accomplishments
may illustrate physical prowess, it takes
a healthy body and mind to create my desired experience. Whether it’s over-coming a physical issue or just having the urge to squeeze more rejuvenation from life itself, put Dr. Fickle in your corner!

                                                 - CCP

I appreciate Dr. Laurie’s advice and insight in assisting me through a difficult health crisis. She helped move from despair to a plan that has produced fantastic results. As a result, the biggest thing I am learning is to live more for my body and acknowledge what it needs
to thrive.
                             - Lyn

Dr. Laurie helps to calm me and get my energy “back on track”. My body functions so much better now!


                                        - Teri L.


My job is to see you in a state of wellness. I work with you to find your own best solutions to achieve that reality yourself. Let’s see if we can get you back on the right health track. Sign up for newsletters, upcoming workshops, classes and other healing news at drlaurie@thehealyou.com



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