healyou helps you to partner with your body allowing you to achieve better health and a better life.

Through one on one consultations and workshops I help you to make friends with your body. My experience and knowledge as a doctor of Chiropractic (24 years) and as a practicing Medical Intuitive/Energy Healer has allowed me to gain a clearer ability to help people identify their health issues and offer immediate and practical solutions.


Your health is individual to you.


My insight, knowledge and guidance is designed and directed to your individual needs. My focus is to offer you:

            Clear insight and answers

            Useful tools to apply right away

            A practical plan

            Value: Your time is important to me so I won’t waste it by beating around the bush!

            Referrals to other experts if needed


Dr. Laurie Fickle

My 18-year very rewarding and successful practice incorporated chiropractic, acupuncture, nutritional counseling, and soft tissue,
sound, and craniosacral therapies.


I found great meaning in the work, as I learned more about the connection between our lifestyles, beliefs, and what deep stories we carry with us (some that help and some that heal). But I also realized
I needed to do more than just treat symptoms.


This led me, for the last 6 years to develop my coaching/intuitive healing practice. My focus is to support people in making changes to heal the root, not just the symptoms, of health challenges. The body offers us all a path of strong wisdom if we are willing to listen.


My intention with every client is to provide clarity and practical solutions for their health needs. I believe in partnering with my clients not just mimic information that can be found in a book.


Disclaimer: I do not medically diagnose. Your health is your responsibility. I am here to share insight with the intention of providing clarity and possible solutions for the improvement of health and overall healing.



My job is to see you in a state of wellness. I work with you to find your own best solutions to achieve that reality yourself. Let’s see if we can get you back on the right health track. Sign up for newsletters, upcoming workshops, classes and other healing news at drlaurie@thehealyou.com



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